feeling hot, hot, hot

Okay, it's hot as heck here. But why not embrace the heat and spice up your yoga practice a bit? Here are a few of our favorite ways to really heat things up on your mat. And hey, the hotter you are, the hotter you will be (wink wink). AND the tastier that cold one is at the finish line #amiright?

mix it up

Over time, your body becomes accustomed to performing the same exercises, and the workout that once challenged you can stop yielding the same results. Confuse your body by throwing something new at it. Try a different class format. Attend class at a different time of day. Take class with a new instructor whose teaching style is different than what you’re used to.

good old ujjayi breath

Ujjayi breath has a ton of benefits, from helping you maintain focus to setting the rhythm to your practice to signaling you when it’s time to slow down. One of the other great benefits of Ujjayi breathing is that it creates internal body heat! This helps to prepare your body for a rigorous class, so it’s especially important to focus on your breathing at the start of class.


We know inversions are difficult, but that’s precisely why you should add them to your practice. Inversions require lots of core strength, upper arm strength, and focus. And they really know how to heat up the body.


When you’re in class and your teacher calls out an opportunity to take an advanced modification – go for it!

get aligned

Attaining the proper alignment can make all the difference in the world. When you’re in proper alignment, you take stress off of your joints and provide your muscles with the maximum benefit that the posture offers.



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