drink to your health! and detox as necessary.

As you know, we are all about balance, over here. YOGA + BEER. OM + FOAM. We like to sweat it out and celebrate with a cold beer. Letting loose on the mat. Letting loose with friends. You might be the kind of person who is super healthy all week long and then likes to go wild on the weekend. You might like to eat clean during the day but treat yourself to a nightly adult beverage and/or dessert. You might party all the time. You might be a pillar of fitness - a fine specimen of restraint and physical exertion. You might be a proud couch potato. You might be looking to make small changes to get you on the road to wellness. You might be all about the beer. You might be all about the yoga. You might be none of the above.

Our goal is to meet folks where they're at. Making yoga and beer approachable and fun. Showing you that it is HEALTHY and RECOMMENDED to down dog AND belly up. In fact, the health part of this gig isn't just in yoga...it's the beer too! That's right, folks. It's good stuff all around.

Don't believe me?

Cool, right? Beer = health! Love that.

Okay, but if you happen to drink a pint (or two) too many. Or get a little crazy with the food at dinner with friends...what to do?! We've got you covered. Practice a few detox poses the morning after to leave you feeling cleansed and renewed. These yoga moves will help realign your body and mind after a well-deserved evening out.

Encourage your body to heat up and sweat, which is a highly effective way to eliminate toxins that collect within our bodies. Detoxifying yoga poses are the poses that twist and compress your internal organs or poses that change the direction of the circulatory system. We can use breath work (pranayama) to bring cleansing warmth and depth to poses and detoxify our bodies from the inside out. 

  • Child’s Pose with Knees Together
  • Down Dog Twist
  • Quad Stretch with Twist
  • Prayer Twist
  • Eagle Pose
  • Bow Pose
  • Seated Spinal Twist
  • Seated Forward Fold



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