cool as a cucumber

Yup. It's hot as heck around here. But we have some cool news for you! Not only is sipping a cold one great for beating the is too! I know that many folks equate yoga with sweating. We have all heard about heated yoga and all that jazz, but yoga can also provide a fabulous cooling effect. It can quite literally help you to chill.

So in honor of this super sweaty season in the desert that so love...we have assembled a few of our fave yoga moves that can help you stay cool as a cucumber.

Sitali Breath

In Sanskrit, the word sitali means "cooling," and this breath has an immediate cooling effect. Inhaling into the moisture of your tongue makes your mouth—and whole body—feel a nice inner breeze.

Low Lunge

Anjaneyasana works to lengthen your muscles while opening your heart. There’s a quality of surrendering to this pose, as if you’re finding peace with the weather—and the world—exactly how it is right now.

Tree Pose

Vrksasana cools off your mind and gently strengthens your body.

Bound Angle (Butterfly) Pose

Too much heat can put stress on the body. Any forward fold can help relieve tension, but Buddha Konasana further releases the upper, inner thighs, much like you just did in Low Lunge.

Lion Pose

Simhasana automatically reduces tension in the mind and body while it relaxes every muscle in your face.

Aaaaand the crowd pleaser, Corpse Pose

Savasana can be difficult if you have a hard time relaxing, so give yourself at least 10 minutes to drop into this pose. It will be a delicious cooling off. To make it extra special, place a cool washcloth over your head (add a drop of eucalyptus oil).


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