how is this whole blogging business going to work?

Okay, here's the deal folks: don't expect us to go nuts over here. We aren't bloggers. Don't want to be. We prefer to focus our attention on yoga and beer. So that is precisely what we will do.

The Mat will be all about OM & FOAM. Because that's what we are all about. You can expect posts dedicated to yoga things on OM WEDNESDAY and posts dedicated to beer things on FOAM FRIDAY. Sounds like a plan, right? Good. Now that we have that settled, we'd like to direct your attention to three things:

  1. See that box below? That's where you enter your email so we can hit you up with the latest news from Bottoms Up Yoga & Beer ™. Trust us, you will want to be in the loop. That's where events, collabs, specials or discounts or whatchamacallits will be shared. 
  2. See those cute icons below the box? Those are our social circles. Give those a click and make sure you follow along!
  3. Before you leave, check out our BREWHAHAS page for upcoming events. Snag your tickets early and invite a friend or two.

namaste - the BUY&B gals


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