meet bree

Oh, well hello there! My name is Bree Elenius and I am an Arizona native, a yoga enthusiast, and an avid beer drinker.

My yoga love began when I was a teenager. I remember purchasing a yoga guide and practicing poses on my bedroom floor. And oh man, I was hooked. I so enjoy my practice. I have hit the mat in studios, in my living room, and even in the great outdoors. I think it is totally empowering and also, relaxing and centering. I am a busy wife, mother, daughter, friend, et cetera et cetera (all the et ceteras) and balance is crucial. Yoga keeps my body moving and keeps my mind sharp.


But what about the brews??? Well, I blame my husband for that. It all started with bottles of domestics and grew into an appreciation for craft beers, especially local varieties. I learn more with every glass I am given. And that is true of my life too. It is about growing and learning and trying new things… and I am a big believer in doing whatever you can to find balance. And yoga & beer is my kind of balance.

meet stephanie

Howdy, folks! I am Stephanie Bray and I am a proud Arizona native. #ValleyOfTheSunBaby

So, I guess you could call me a smarty-pants-over-achiever. And I am cool with that. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University with two degrees and thought I was destined to a professional career in a skyscraper downtown. But, after spending three years in consulting, working 75+ hour weeks for someone else’s dream, I decided to pursue the family business – real estate. I now work as the associate broker for Bray Properties, a full service real estate firm in Phoenix.

Yada yada yada. You get the picture. But, where does beer fit in? Well, I have been working on finding the appropriate balance in work and life, friends and family, health and fun. It can be tough at times. But health and wellness isn’t just running half marathons and eating bunny food. It isn’t just about looking sweet in a bathing suit. It is a holistic thing. Mind-body-spirit. Truly, the yin and yang.

That’s where Bottoms Up Yoga & Beer ™ was born. As a connoisseur of all things craft beer who still wanted to be healthy and fit, what better than pairing my beer with a fun, relaxed yoga sesh?!