What if I've never done yoga before?

There is a first time for everything and why does yoga need to be any different?! Here at Bottoms Up Yoga & Beer we welcome all who are willing to give us a try (well, all who are 21 and older, that is). Whether this is your first time hitting the mat or you are a yogi extraordinaire, we want you to join us and practice at your own pace. We are all here to have a good time. We take yoga seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. Everyone’s practice is their own. If you stumble, its ok to laugh at yourself! We welcome laughter and cheering. We only ask that you keep the conversations to a low enough level for those around you to find their om.

*Any medical concerns should be communicated to the instructor before each practice. Make your practice your own. If you need modifications, just ask the instructor. Remember, it is good to push yourself, but at no point should you feel uncomfortable. 

What should I wear? 

Get comfy. You want to wear breathable and comfortable clothing. Remember, you never know what crazy moves you will be doing. Whether we have you upside down or right side up, you want to be able to move and have your clothes move with you. And we want to see your yogi toes. Wear what you want to the brewhaha, in the footwear department, but you will be taking off your socks and kicking off your kicks when you hit the mat so please, be aware of those odors... Keep in mind the location of the event and check out the details. Some events may be outside and you will want to dress accordingly. 

What should I bring? 

Don't forget your mat. Don't have one? No worries! We have some extras, but not an endless stock. Leave us an "I need a mat" message when you register and we will make sure to have one there for you.

H2O folks. It's important. Yes, there will be beer, but every yogi knows that a successful practice starts with a hydrated body.

Your I.D. As much as we would love to share this with everyone, we have to respect the rules. Unfortunately, beer is not for everyone, and we need to be able to confirm that you are of age to partake. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their well-deserved, post-practice brew, so please bring your I.D. and show us that you are legal! 

Some moolah. Yes, you may register ahead of time online, but we have more to offer! Come prepared to purchase some snazzy merchandise and/or an extra beer, or 2, or 3... Basically, come prepared to expand your experience! We will be sticking around, why shouldn't you? 

Minimal "stuff". Remember, we aren't at a yoga studio and there are no lockers. We want to have plenty of room for our yogis, so please leave your kitchen sink at home. 

What's included? 

Here's the deal. We love yoga and we love beer, so why not combine both worlds? Join us for an hour long vinyasa yoga class and stick around to enjoy an ice cold brew, on us! These breweries are the bee's knees and we want to show them our love and support!