arizona is home to some excellent brewhouses.


local folks creating some tasty beers. they take the craft of craft beer seriously. but they also happen to be serious about having a good time. creating a cool community vibe. an all around feel-good-ery experience.

we seek out the very best. breweries that are creating a local buzz and maybe even, a bit of a brouhaha. (brewhaha* yup. we are making that a thing.) they are rocking it and in the off-hours, they are willing to open up their floor for some extra fun. that’s where we come in. and you come in.

they open their doors. we bring the yoga party to them. you reserve your mat space and bring a friend or two. everyone shows up and has a good time. and then, we clink our glasses and toss back a brew (or two). one of their creamy-dreamy crafts is included in the event fee but you are more than welcome to stay and have another and another. trust us, they know how to keep the good times flowing. a thing of beauty, right? and we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. wink. wink.

brew·ha·ha /broo-hä-hä/

noun: a raucous good time that combines yoga flow and flowing beer.

e.g. “those chicks at Bottoms Up Yoga & Beer ™ sure know how to throw a rad brewhaha!”

e.g. “did you guys catch last night’s brewhaha? it was epic. i am stoked about the next one.”

e.g. “do you know what makes me super happy? a good old fashioned brewhaha.”


current participating breweries


Helton Brewing Company is a small brewery inside a beautiful and newly renovated 10,000 square foot warehouse. It is adding to the ever growing Arizona love of craft beer by leveraging the skills of the founder, brewmaster, and Certified Cicerone, Brian Helton.  Brian has won multiple World Beer Cup Awards and The Great American Beer Festival Awards. He has worked in the industry for nineteen years, which constitutes a generation as a brewmaster.

Brian has brewed thousands of batches of beer, including over 60 different styles, throughout his career. As a Certified Cicerone, he has worked with some of the best chefs in the brewing industry to produce many menus and brewer’s dinners.

2144 east indian school road / phoenix, arizona 85016


With inspiration drawn from the craftsmen of past generations, and a heart for innovation and experimentation, our Brewpub in Scottsdale aspires to ardently serve our guests with homemade food, hand-crafted beers, and genuine hospitality.

Through pint and plate, we aim to honor time-tested techniques and traditions while encouraging creativity and invention, and embracing the occasional oddity. We pay tribute to the past by prioritizing locality and artisanship, and we celebrate the opportunity to positively contribute to our community and our fellow residents.

8608 east shea blvd / scottsdale, arizona 85260


Dubina Brewing Company is a family owned and operated company since 2013. While our heritage is from the Czech Republic, we have lived in Arizona for over 50 years. The inspiration to start a brewery came from James Dubina Sr, who passed in August 2013. Following his passion, his son James Jr, daughter-in-law Janet, and grandson Jared, took a trip to Europe where they visted their family roots in the Czech Republic, and even visited the small town of Dubina. You can see pictures up around the brewery from their trip. That's when James and Jared first talked about the idea of opening Dubina Brewing in the valley. The idea was to bring a European and Czech feel to the valley's brewery scene.

17035 north 67th avenue #6 / glendale, arizona 85308


Mother Bunch Brewing is all about great hand-crafted beer and food... with exceptional service. They are committed to using only the finest ingredients as inspiration for every pint and plate. 
Husband-and-wife duo Julie Meeker and Jimmie McBride run Mother Bunch. Jerry Gant and Omar Zamora develop and brew the beer while chef Holly Arguello heads the kitchen.

It's truly a family affair.

825 north 7th street / phoenix, arizona 85006


The inception of the idea for Helio Basin Brewing Co. started, albeit merely as a pipe dream for the founders, a little over 10 years ago over a few homebrew batches with some friends at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. After graduation they went two different directions, Mike to the Marines as an officer and Dustin to the Siebel Institute to start a professional brewing career. As time passed, one thing always kept coming up in conversation, the idea of opening up a brewery. We wanted to make a place that has a primary focus on quality from top to bottom. Dedication to the quality and consistency of the beer, the food, the service and the atmosphere are all top tier priorities at Helio Basin Brewing Company. Our team of like-minded people have a passion for creating a place that not only offers top quality brews and food, but also creates a sense of community for its customers as well as its craft brewing compatriots.

3935 east thomas road / phoenix, arizona 85018


if you are a brewery and want us to hold a Bottoms Up Yoga & Beer™ event at your joint, give that button below a quick click, fill out the form, and we will get back to you in the flashiest of flashes.