balance + brews = awesomeness


a healthy life doesn’t mean pounding kale smoothies all day long. and who says exercise needs to be fussy or dull? not us. yoga isn’t just for crunchy birk wearers (although, we dig that). and beer isn’t just for frat guys (hey, we like you too). we believe in yoga and beer for all! weeeeeell, for all those 21 and up, that is.

it’s equal opportunity sweating and sipping. tapping into the awesomeness that comes from the catharsis of physical movement + tossing back a cold one with buds + engaging with a supportive community. finding balance. maybe allowing yourself to get a bit tipsy. and definitely definitely, enjoying the journey. it’s a very zen thing. we hope to be the yin to your yang. or maybe, the yang to your yin.